Presentation of the symposium

 In Tours, 21-22 May 2019

Since the last twenty years, research work on urban wastelands is constantly increasing and concerns several scientific fields, such as urban planning, geography, social sciences and more recently ecology and soil sciences. “Wastelands”, “brownfields”, “vacant lots”… Under different names and definitions, common characteristics emerge: these spaces have no official use, they are temporary, they are located in urban areas. Very variable in their shape and size, in their place on the urban gradient, in their longevity, urban wastelands are generally present in all cities, whatever their size. Urban wastelands are former cultivated fields encompassed in the city by urban sprawl, or former residential, industrial or services areas, involved in urban renewal or located in shrinking cities. In all cases, the existence of urban wastelands is closely linked to the evolution of cities: they are an integral part of them.

This symposium addresses the scientific community and practitioners. It will deal in particular with totally or partially vegetated urban wastelands, and proposes to question the roles played by wastelands in the green infrastructure, and in particular the differences with other urban green spaces. We can wonder whether brownfields can be considered as informal green spaces and to what extent they can help to change the current perception of urban nature. Three aspects will be considered, linked to three major issues: social, ecological and urban planning stakes.


1) Urban wastelands and residents: informal uses and perceptions

2) Urban wastelands: biodiversity hotspots in cities?

3) Urban wastelands and urban evolution: land and planning issues


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